Recreational Classes

Co-ed Classes

Many classes to choose from

Our recreational program runs September through June. We accept enrollment until February of each year.

We offer a variety of co-ed classes starting at 18 months to 18 years old. Recreational classes are offered Monday through Saturday. We offer day and evening classes. From Sept through January, instructors work on technique then January through June classes focus on learning a recital routine. 

Monthly tuition, costume and shoe costs are part of the program in order to perform at the annual recital. Current enrolled students receive a Welcome Packet with additional information in the parent portal. 

Proper shoes and attire for class include: leotard, athletic shorts or leggings, sports bra, tank top, fitted tee and dance or gym shoes. No loose or hooded clothing. Hair pulled back away from the face. 

Ballet attire requirements include: leotard, tights and ballet shoes.  Hair in a bun. 

All styles of shoes and tights available for purchase at the studio.

Classes We Offer

Below is a list and description of each co-ed class offered at Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center:

Acro: Offered for ages 6 and up. Tumbling along with dance. All Acro classes perform in the recital.

Ballet: Offered for ages 3 and up. Includes classical steps and ballet technique. All recreational ballet classes perform in the recital. Company ballet classes do not perform in the recital.

Combination Classes: Offered for 3-6 years old. This will include two styles of dance in a 45 minute session. The dancer will then have two dances in the recital and this will require two costumes as well. Both classes perform in the recital.

Contemporary: Offered through our dance company program only is a style of dance that incorporates technique from ballet and jazz. Movements express the dancer’s emotions and inner expression. 

Hip Hop: Offered for ages 4 and up. A popular, energetic dance style that usually is performed to pop culture music. All hip hop classes perform in the recital.

Jazz: Offered for ages 4 and up. Fast pace dance movement. Routine dance includes jumps, leaps, and turns. All jazz classes perform in the recital.

Little Divas: Offered for ages 2-3 year old. Dancers will learn the basics of ballet, creative movement, all while learning the beat to the music. An great start to dance class. This class will perform in the recital.

Lyrical: Offered for ages 7 and up. Routine encompassing the isle of balance, flexibility and central utilizing the lyrics or mood of the movement. All lyrical classes perform in the recital.

Musical Theater: Offered through our Company Dance Program only. A routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song from a “Broadway” or movie musical. This class will perform in the recital.

Special Needs Cheer: Our Cheer Abilities Dream Team is made up of athletes of all ages with varying types of differences and limitations. The program runs from September through December and competes in local competitions. 

 Special Needs Dance: Our Danceabilities program is made up of dancers of all ages with varying types of differences and limitations learning the basics of contemporary dance. The program runs from January through May. Our dancers perform in our annual dance recital in both show performances. 

Tap: Offered for ages 4 and up. Routine dance including tap technique. In this class students wear shoes with metal plates attached to the heels and toes where they will make sharp and musical sounds. All tap classes perform in the recital.

Technique: Offered to our performing dance company members only, a class designed to improve a dancer’s range of motion, flexibility and strength. Through a variety of exercises, dancers will increase their awareness of their own body’s potential as it connects through each movement and help improve turns, leaps and kicks. 

Tiny/Mini/Youth Cheer: Offered for ages 4- 12 years old. This is a great introduction to cheer. Basic stunts, motions, jumps and tumbling will be taught. The entire routine will be put to music which is very similar to our All-Star Style program (Intensity Elite Cheer). Recreational cheer practice in our dance rooms. These classes will perform in the recital.

Tiny Tumblers: Offered for ages 2-6 year olds. Build balance and coordination. Increase muscle strength and endurance. Basic tumbling on mats and obstacle course games. This class doesn’t perform in the recital.

Tots & Tutus: In this class our tiniest dancers start at age 18 months through 3 years old and are introduced to the world of dance through props, tutus and simple dance movements focused on ballet. This class doesn’t perform in the recital.