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Award-Winning Cheer & Dance Studio

Linsey’s Cheer & Dance Center (LCDC), founded in 2006, provides instruction in various styles of recreational and competitive cheer and dance. 

Co-ed classes for ages 18 months to 18 years old. 

The studio includes a fully equipped 6,700 square foot gymnasium, two spacious waiting rooms, two mirrored dance rooms with floating Marley floors and a high-tech sound system.

Our Staff

Our staff pride themselves on their dedication to teaching, coaching and meeting the various needs of each student and athlete. Meet our family friendly staff…

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Linsey Battle- Owner

Linsey Battle opened Linsey’s Cheer and Dance 16 years ago, a long-held dream from  when she launched her own cheer team after college graduation. Linsey has been  studying dance since she was 2 and cheer since age 12. Owning a studio was always  something she wanted to do to give girls an opportunity to learn, grow and display  their skills in recitals and shows.  

Hers is a family-owned studio with a tight-knit staff and dancers and athletes who have  grown up together. And whether a child is in cheer or dance, the entire family feels part  of the group.  

Linsey is grateful for the studio’s amazing coaches and instructors, many who are  previous students. They inspire, excite, encourage, and their diverse backgrounds and  experiences provide a wealth of life lessons to the kids. 

Linsey loves when younger kids take pride in what they accomplish. They all have their  own goals, and there is a special joy when they hit milestones. One of the her treasured  perks is watching kids from the very beginning, knowing her studio will be part of their  cheer and dance journey. 

Linsey is married to her high school sweetheart, Nick, with whom she shares boys  Hudson, age 9, and Grayson, age 6. Their shitzu Ella is the studio’s security detail. The  family enjoys traveling together, especially to Disney World. Linsey credits the help of  her parents for the studio’s success, and notes her mom has helped build, clean, paint  and anything else that needs attention, and her extended family travels to competitions  to cheer everyone on.

Amanda Doyle- Studio Director

Amanda Doyle is the director of Linsey’s Cheer and Dance, overseeing and facilitating  both cheer and dance programs. She has danced since she was two years old and  competitively since she was 7. Amanda has worked with Utica and Birmingham public  schools, teaching recreational programs and peer workouts. She is a group fitness  instructor, Zumba-certified and CPR-trained. Oner the years, her choreography has  been honored both regionally and nationally with top overall awards with most  entertaining awards and best choreography awards.

Amanda met owner Linsey Battle while she was earning her bachelor’s degree in  Business Administration and her minor in Marketing from Oakland University. Together  since, the duo hold multiple national title awards and studio awards. For Amanda,  dance has always been a passion, but teaching has become the most impactful,  especially since she has been been able to coach the same group from their first  hesitant steps until they’ve gracefully graduated out. Amanda believes dance doesn’t  just teach technique, but also life skills, how to push through hard times, how to play  as a team, and how to never give up. 

Amanda’s loves anything Michael Jackson and Celine Dion, and the Irish theatrical  show, “Riverdance.” The newlywed, enjoys traveling with her husband, Clint, especially  to Traverse City, and she has a lovable Golden Retriever named Franklin.

Bridget - Studio Manager & Recreational Dance Instructor

Bridget is a Desk Attendant and Recreational Dance Instructor with over two decades of experience in the dance industry

Her passion for dance started when she was eight years old, progressing to studio dance and a member of her high school dance team. By 17, Bridget became a dance instructor and desk manager at the studio she attended, and then was quickly  promoted to studio manager. 

She attended Oakland University, studying during the day and teaching and managing the studio in the evening. Bridget earned her Bachelor’s  Degree in 1997 and left dance behind. 

She started her career as a public relations coordinator at a local advertising agency. Moving on to several other marketing positions and worked at the local schools as a substitute  teacher. Her career highlight included working on nationwide campaigns in the marketing department for The Taubman Company. 

In 2001, Bridget decided to be a stay-at-home mom as she was expecting her first child and worked as a marketing consultant from her home office. It wasn’t long before she yearned to be back in the dance arena. 

Bridget joined Linsey’s in 2015, during the day Bridget works as a preschool dance instructor  teaching all styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. In the evening, she runs the front desk and over the past  several years, has also helped oversee marketing and operations at Linsey’s.  

Dance is a passion that needs to be in her life. It’s an industry she knows well, and one she hopes to remain in for years to come. 

She enjoys teaching kids, watching them learn and grow knowing dance is a foundation for much of their social and mental well being. And as a mom and an instructor, she can help from both perspectives. 

Bridget is a first-generation American, embraces her Sicilian heritage and can speak  the language fluently. When she isn’t at work, Bridget enjoys cooking and spending  time with her husband, Brian and her three children ages 20, 18 and 15.

Caitlin - Company Ballet Instructor

Caitlin is a Company Dance instructor whose passion for ballet began when  she was just 3 years old. 

She attended a performing arts high school in Fraser and then  went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Marygrove College. Degree in hand,  Caitlin moved to Los Angeles to dance professionally for a small company that  combined ballet, theatrical magicians and contortionists, while at the same time,  teaching dance. 

A desire to be closer to family moved her back to Michigan, where she  began teaching again. She believes ballet teaches dancers how to be sharp and strong,  yet graceful. 

Caitlin most enjoys the connection she makes with her students, and the  moment a child finally conquers something they’ve worked hard to achieve. Caitlin  believes ballet carries over into different aspects of life, teaching discipline, versatility  and sticking with something though it may be difficult. 

When she isn’t at the studio,  Caitlin is a biomedical operations coordinator and manager at a hemodialysis company,  where her golden-doodle Miss Maisel rarely leaves her side. She enjoys the outdoor  activities the state provides, including hiking and water sports.

Carrie - All Star Cheer Coach

Carrie is a Competitive All Star Cheer Coach, Special Needs Cheer Coach,  Prep Team Choreographer and Cheer Social Media Liaison. 

Her love of cheer began at Fuhrmann Junior High, and continued through her high school years at Warren Mott,  where she began coaching following graduation.  

Carrie took a short break from cheer while she worked as a paraprofessional to 3- and  4-year olds for Fitzgerald Public Schools, but then rejoined the cheer arena as a coach  for Sterling Heights City Cheer, and then Janette Junior High School in Utica. From  there, she met Linsey Battle and the two began coaching together, renting out  gymnastics centers before the studio was launched 15 years ago. 

Carrie is an  experienced choreographer, and has put together routines for junior high competitive  cheer, as well as the Shelby Lions City League Cheer. 

In her time at the studio, Carrie has worked with athletes from ages 5-18, and in her  many roles, from running cheer camps to coaching special needs cheerleaders, she  strives to instill confidence in her athletes. Whether they accomplish a goal, gain a new  skill or win at competition, they are always eager to share their excitement with her.  

Carrie enjoys being able to bring her daughters to the studio with her. The 12-year-old  is in All Star Cheer, and both she and her 8-year-old sister are in competitive dance.  Because of the studio’s family environment, their coaches can help guide and  encourage them just as Carrie would.  

In addition to coaching, Carrie is a crossing guard, paraprofessional and lunch mom at  Beck Centennial Elementary School. She also is a substitute preschool teacher. She  enjoys traveling with her family, especially to Walt Disney World.

Samantha - Company Dance Instructor

Samantha is a Company Dance Instructor with lifelong experience in ballet,  contemporary jazz and tap, as well as training in ballroom dance, musical theater and  hip-hop. 

She followed her two older sisters to a dance studio when she was just 2-years-old and never looked back, beginning first with recreational dance and then  competition from ages 6-18. 

Samantha has traveled for dance intensives to Chicago  and cities in California, Florida and Texas. A perfectionist at heart, her passion is  teaching and correcting technique, and the achievement that comes when her dancers can master the skills they work so diligently on. 

As a young dancer, Samantha looked  forward to team-building opportunities, and now as an instructor, she can incorporate  similar activities that get the students involved with one another. She also enjoys  working with different groups of students each week. 

Her teaching role at the studio still keeps her involved in the dance world while she works full time as a hair stylist and chases after her 4-year-old son. When she is able to find free time, Samantha loves drawing and creating paintings.

Ashley- Recreational Dance Instructor & Front Desk Staff

Ashley is a Desk Attendant and Recreational Dance Instructor who loves to be  able to share her passion with others. A seasoned hip-hop dancer, Ashley got her start  when she was 5 years old, working her way up as a member of a dance team for four  years. 

Ashely started at Linsey’s in 2018 to help at the front desk and teach a few classes. Her fun choreography and friendly but firm teaching style inspires each young student to strive and reach their potential as a dancer. 

As a teacher, she strives to familiarize her students with the basics first, then  moves forward combination routines and a recital that incorporates current and popular skills such as  leaps, turns, handstands, backbends and hip hop freezes. 

Ashely believes dance is  more than just dancing – it’s a great tool for memory practice and discipline, and  teaches students life lessons and team work. She finds rewarding the improvements  her dancers make, and especially enjoys working one-on-one. 

Ashely is currently  working toward a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Oakland  University. When she isn’t at the studio, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Breanna- Recreational Dance & Cheer Instructor and Front Desk Staff

Breanna is a Desk Attendant and Recreational Cheer and Dance Instructor. She began her cheer and dance journey when she was 10 as a member of the junior high cheer team and by high school,  she was captain of a local varsity dance team, where she was awarded most  dedicated. Breanna also competed through the United Dance Association. 

She is  currently in the pre-med program at Wayne State University. She has the dual joy of  watching her kids learn and grow in a stage of her life where she is still learning and  growing. Breanna’s goal is teaching her students how to be disciplined, how to learn in  a different environment outside of school, how to control their bodies and the  importance of exercise and strength. She says it can be a struggle for some at times,  but she encourages them to be motivated and dedicated because she knows it will pay  off at the end. 

She loves spending time with her 3- and 5-year-old nieces, being a  nanny and taking bike rides. 

Jessie - All Star Cheer Coach

Jessie is a Competitive Cheer Coach with a cheer and advanced gymnastics background  that spans 12 years, and a role in teaching for the past seven years. 

As a former coach  at Shelby Junior High School, Jessie led her cheer team to two undefeated titles, as well as other accomplishments, in numerous competitions. 

She enjoys connecting with  her students at a prime age, and finds it most rewarding when they achieve the skills  they’ve worked so hard on. In cheer, she says, there isn’t one muscle an athlete won’t  use, from how they turn their body to the flips they land. 

Jessie is looking forward to All Star competitions and new experiences as she begins her first season with the studio.  

Jessie has additionally worked in the dental field, and is currently an oral assistant as  she works toward her advanced Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Jason -All Star Cheer Coach and Choreographer

Jason is a Competitive All Star Cheer coach and an All Star Teams  choreographer. 

For the past 17 years, he has lived and breathed cheerleading and  gymnastics. Jason began his career with a dance company and quickly climbed the  ranks to be placed on Morenci High School’s varsity cheer team for all four years of  high school. He went on to win numerous All Star national championships and  compete in Worlds Finals in back-to-back years. 

Inspired by the result of hard work  and dedication, Jason decided to become an instructor, and for the past 15 years, he has coached over 1,000 All Star cheerleaders. His teams have followed in his footsteps  to win national titles, as well as repeatedly qualify for Worlds. 

His passion lies in  mentoring athletes of all ages and skill levels, to teach them to overcome difficulty and  personal fears, and learn time management. Using discipline and guidance, his  interactive coaching style assists in the development of positive, respectful and driven  young adults. 

In addition to his leadership skills, Jason is recognized for his  choreography and judging expertise. His achievements have awarded him the  opportunity to choreograph national commercials, coach on MTV’s “Made,” and take  his talents global. 

This is Jason’s fifth season with the studio. He attended Paul Mitchell  Beauty School and owns a choreography company, and he enjoys traveling, especially  to Bali. 

Jenn - Front Desk Staff

Jenn is a Desk Attendant who also has two daughters that are part of the Performing Dance Company since 2006. 

Jenn happily shares her  knowledge and experience with parents coming into the studio. Jenn is a hard worker  who is always willing to do the extra mile, and because she understands the sport, can  help guide parents with the ins and outs of dance. 

She most enjoys watching the  excitement of the kids as they attend their various classes and the fun they experience at competitions.  Because the studio is family-oriented, rather than a business, students don’t feel like just another number. 

When Jenn is not at the studio helping at the front desk, she usually is “backstage” helping with the dance programs. 

Jenn works a full time job during the day, helps at the front desk on Monday evenings and enjoys spending time with her family. Her soft and kind smile is always wonderful and welcoming to see when you walk into Linsey’s Cheer & Dance lobby. 

Kennedy - Company Instructor

Kennedy is a Prep Team Company Dance instructor who has loved dancing since she was two years old. She’s in 11th-grade and is a member of the Eisenhower High School Varsity Dance Team, a Worlds Champion Dance Team. 

As a 10 year, former All Star Cheer athlete and 12 year Production Dance Company member, Kennedy brings a lot of experience and the latest moves to our Pre Team program. Her advanced skills, technique and trendy moves in all genres of dance is an asset to the pre team program. 

She began assisting three years ago at her aunt Linsey’s studio, which she calls her second home. The studio is a special place to Kennedy because it’s where she is able to express her creativity in the dances she prepares for her classes. As the perfect role model for our youngest dancers, she embraces each dancer to do their best, push through challenges and work hard. She feels that making every moment count in class is the key to a successful performance on stage.  

She’s won regional competitions, and in 2015, she won Junior Miss Legacy at Nationals. 

Kennedy loves teaching and being with the littlest dancers. She knows no matter what her future holds, dance will continue to be a big part of her life. She is a former model enjoys going to the mall and hanging out with friends.

Leslie - Company Instructor

Leslie is a Company Dance Instructor with more than 30 years experience in entertainment. 

She got her start in dance at 10 years old, and by age 13, was simultaneously dancing and coaching. Following graduation from Henry Ford II in 1996, where she also danced for and coached the high school dance team, Lesley became a member of the Detroit Piston’s Dance Team and lead the Detroit Lion’s On-Field Promotions Team for eight years. 

She has worked as head choreographer for the Detroit Lion’s halftime show and has performed with Boyz II Men, Jon Bon Jovi, Vanessa Carlton, Enrique Iglesias, Jesse McCartney, Kid Rock, Rita Orr, Martha Reeves, Goo Goo Dolls, Debbie Gibson and Gladys Knight. She is also a featured performer in PlayStation’s NBA Live. 

Lesley was the founder and director of the Detroit Dolls Dancers, performing for Audi at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, as well as other events in Atlanta, Orlando, Las Vegas and Chicago. Lesley was the head choreographer on Walt Disney Picture’s, “Oz The Great and Powerful,” and Amy Heckerling’s,“Vamps.” Additionally, she has choreographed commercials in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for Little Caesars; the San Francisco 49ers; the Sacramento Kings; the Minnesota Timberwolves; the Atlanta Falcons; and the Buffalo Bills.

From 2012-17, Lesley worked as a professor of dance at Oakland University. She currently teaches dance at Detroit Country Day School and is the director of the 250-member USPBL Dance Crew. Her students have toured nationally with Khalid, Rihanna, B.O.B, Lil Wayne, Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, and the Harlem Globetrotters, and have placed 3rd on Fox’s SYTYCD. Her students can also be seen dancing in Pharrell’s “Happy” music video, Sia’s “The Greatest” music video and Nickelodeon’s “Lip Sync Battle Shorties,” and well as with sports performance teams in Detroit.

Lesley began working with Linsey’s studio five years ago as an outside choreographer, and officially joined the teaching staff this past year. Her experience with the studio dance ranges from jazz and contemporary solos to hip hop and lyrical to musical theater. Lesley’s driving force is watching the students’ happiness from perfecting a new move, learning a new technique and climbing the ranks of technique and dance.

She believes her students thrive on the discipline and structure of dance and a desire to constantly improve.

Lesley and her 15-year-old son Aiden Debbs, a sophomore at Dakota High School, enjoy taking care of animals, share a love of history and are self-proclaimed museum junkies.

Lorri - Preschool, Recreational & Special Needs Instructor

Lorri is a Recreational Dance Instructor, Special Needs Coach and  Special Needs Dance Instructor. 

Lorri has spent 29 years as a dancer, teacher and  choreographer, with experience in tap, jazz and lyrical, pointe, ballet, Hawaiian, and Tahitian fire baton. 

She joined Linsey’s six years ago after her daughter enrolled in  competition cheer, helping to form the special needs cheer and dance programs.  Working with Cheer and Dance Buddies (middle and high school student volunteers),  Lorri teaches stunts, tumbling and flexibility, rhythm and jazz dance steps, as well as  partner moves and lyrical, with the goal of improving the dancers’ fine and gross motor skills while they learn to work with others. 

Her desire is for students to fall in love with dance, become leaders and believe in themselves. Her 22-year career with Utica Community Schools as an award-winning K-3 special education teacher has helped in her role at the studio. Because Lorri is trained in calm-classroom strategies and  behavior management, she can guide her special needs dancers if they are feeling  stressed, upset or tired. Lorri can meet the needs of all levels of learners.  

Lorri applies her gentle, patient spirit when working with students to maneuver steps  and improve their skills, but also instills her classes with energy and fun. She wants all  of the students to believe in themselves, even if they come with no skills. She believes dance allows them opportunities for growth, for staying fit and for expressing themselves.  

Her accomplishments include winning the Macomb County Make A Difference Award; being nominated for Michigan Teacher of the Year; choreographing staff dances at  Duncan Elementary School; dancing at Detroit’s birthday celebration; filming a commercial for Greenfield Village; and authoring the book, “Interacting with  Informational Text for Close and Critical Reading,” a reading comprehension guide for  teachers. 

Lorri also holds a degree in child psychology from the University of Michigan and is trained in social emotional learning strategies and differentiated instruction. The  mother to a 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter enjoys traveling and spending  time with her family.

Marchon- All Star Cheer Coach

Marchon is a Competitive All Star Cheer Coach with 34 years of involvement  in the cheerleading arena. 

Her love of cheer began as a Top 10 State Varsity High  School athlete, and continued through her college years when she served as a camp  instructor and speaker at Cheer!Michigan. 

Marchon is a former high school junior  varsity and varsity competitive cheerleading coach, and for 25 years, she has judged  local and state cheer competitions for the Michigan Cheerleading Coaches Association  (MCCA) and the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). 

In addition to  coaching and judging, Marchon is a former MCCA Marketing Director and a MCAA  Scholarship panel member. She is concussion awareness-certified, and trained in  blood-borne pathogens and allergen safety. 

Marchon is dedicated to coaching athletes  to be dynamic cheerleaders and learn lifelong skills to guide them to be the best  leaders in life. She enjoys seeing her athletes set goals and work together toward a  common goal. In 2019, Marchon helped her team win Gold Bid, High Point Award and  Grand Champs. 

Marchon taught first grade for 22 years and has spent the last two years as a literacy  coach. She and her husband, Brandon, have two children: Lauren, a junior at Utica  High School who has cheered at IEC since she was four, and Kyle, a freshman at Michigan State University. Together they enjoy spending time up north with family and  friends. 

Katie- All Star Cheer Coach

Katie is a Competitive All Star Cheer Coach who gets to combine her lifelong  love of cheerleading with her joy of education. 

The first-grade teacher coaches athletes  ages 5 to 10, and has previously coached those involved in the studio’s special needs  teams. Katie spent 11 years with All Star Cheer, and at one Worlds event, her team  took second place in the small co-ed division. 

After graduation from L’Anse Creuse  High School North, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Early  Childhood Development from Oakland University. 

Katie decided to become a coach so  she could share the same skills, discipline and life lessons that cheer instilled in her at a young age. She also feels the team atmosphere offers opportunities to form lasting  relationships. 

Katie proudly wears the title of ‘aunt’ to her nephew, and enjoys coloring  and relaxing with her pekingese poodle, Bitty. 

Nate - IEC Director & All Star Cheer Coach

Nate is a Competitive Cheer Coach and former athlete who recently joined the IEC team. His passion for cheer started when he was young.  Growing up and training at his family owned gym, Trilogy Athletics for 15 seasons.  He’s earned a two times Summit Champion, two times UCA Champion, and a three times World Championships participant. 

Learning from some of the best people in the industry, he now shares his exclusive skills to help gain confidence, strength and initiates technique in all the athletes he coaches. It’s not uncommon to find Nate challenging each athlete to learn new skills and strive for perfection. Cheer is an industry he knows well, and one he hopes to remain in for years to come.

In addition to coaching, Nate attends Alma College studying Education and plays on the Alma Football team as the wide receiver. 

Nick - All Star Cheer Coach

Nick is a Competitive Cheer coach with a wealth of experience in the cheerleading arena. Although he played a variety of sports while he was growing up, cheer found a special place in his heart. 

He joined Pro Cheer All Stars in 2008 and competed in the World Cheerleading Championship five times, helping his team secure a third place win. Nick cheered at Columbus State University in Georgia, where he earned a degree in biology, and attended UCA College Nationals, winning a national championship. After college, he and his roommate began coaching, which is what he lives for now.

Nick’s goal is to see his cheer kids work together and have positive attitudes. He believes cheer is the one sport that teaches athletes to come together, to train long and hard for months – all to shine in the spotlight for just over 2 minutes. 

Nick has a 9-year old German Shepherd-Golden Retreiver Mix named Mila, and enjoys snowboarding.

Nikki - Company Dance Instructor

Nikki is a Company Dance Instructor who has spent 10 years helping students  master the most critical element in dance: technique. 

Nikki has enjoyed a long career in  dance, beginning when she was just three years old until her last stage performance for Carnival Cruise lines at age 25. 

Her role at the studio involves working with many  different dancers to ensure they are executing skills properly, from correct body alignment to turns, leaps and jumps, regardless of their style of routine. To Nikki, it  doesn’t matter if she is working with a veteran dancer or one who is more difficult to mold because they’ve joined the studio at an older age, she is still amazed to see  growth, particularly when she can see the light in their eyes once something has clicked. 

She and her husband have two boys and one daughter, who is a company dancer at the studio. 

Rachel - All Star Prep Cheer Coach

Rachel is a Competitive Prep Cheer Team coach whose role involves  teaching athletes everything they need to know about cheer and competitions. 

She started lessons at the studio when she was six years old, working her way up from cheerleader to junior coach to now head coach. 

Rachel most enjoyed the indescribably  excitement and joy she experienced competing in a sport she loved. With the studio, she has been a multi- and national champion, and won a state championship. As a  coach, she can impact young lives, not just with the cheer techniques that make them  amazing cheerleaders, but the advice she can share and the memories they can make  together. 

Rachel graduated from Chippewa Valley High School in 2017, and works as a resident assistant at Rose Senior Living. Her German Shepherd mix dogs, Kali and  Duke, keep her company at home.