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Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center, founded in 2006, provides instruction in various styles of recreational and competitive cheer and dance. The studio includes a fully equipped 6,700 square foot gymnasium, a spacious waiting room for parents and a separate area for students, two mirrored dance rooms with floating Marley floors and a high-tech sound system. Dance classes are scheduled for 45 minutes, with the exception of some of the tot classes which are 30 minutes. During classes the dancers will be provided with experienced dance instruction. The cheerleading instruction includes introduction to cheerleading, intermediate cheerleading and advanced cheerleading. Each of the classes are 45 minutes in length. The classes will not compete, these classes are only provided for the basis of improving cheerleading technique. The center also offers all star cheer teams (Intensity Elite Cheer), which will compete locally and nationally. The classes will range depending on age and ability.

Below is a  list and description of each class offered at Linsey's Cheer & Dance Center:

Tap: Routine dance including tap technique. All tap classes perform in the recital.

Ballet: Includes classical steps and ballet technique. All ballet classes perform in the recital.

Jazz: Fast pace dance movement. Routine dance includes jumps, leaps, and turns. All jazz classes perform in the recital.

Lyrical: Routine encompassing the isle of balance, flexibility and central utilizing the lyrics or mood of the movement. All lyrical classes perform in the recital.

Hip Hop: A popular, energetic dance style that usually is performed to pop culture music. All hip hop classes perform in the recital.

Combination Classes: Offered for 3-6 year old. This will include two styles of dance in a 45 minute session. The dancer will then have two dances in the recital and this will require two costumes as well.

Little Divas: Offered for 2-3 year old. Dancers will learn the basics of ballet and creative movement, along with tumbling. This class will perform in the recital.

Musical Theater: A routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song from a "Broadway" or movie musical.

Tots & Tutus: In this class our tiniest dancers, starting at 18 months old are introduced to the world of dance through props, tutus and simple dance movements focused on ballet.

All Star Cheer Teams: Cheer teams compete locally and nationally.

Performing Dance Company: Competitive dance which will compete locally and nationally performing tap, jazz, lyrical, acro, and hip hop

Introduction to Cheerleading: First time cheerleaders will learn all the basics of becoming a cheerleader.

Intermediate Cheerleading: Must have at least 1 years of experience.

Advanced Cheerleading: Must have at least 2 years of experience.

Acro: Tumbling along with dance.

Tiny Tumblers: Offered for ages 2-6 years old. Build balance and coordination. Increase muscle strength and endurance. Basic tumbling on mats. Not in recital.

Tiny/Mini/Youth Cheer: This is a great introduction to cheer. Basic stunts, motions, jumps and tumbling will be taught. The entire routine will be put to music which is very similar to our All-Star Style. These classes perform in the recital. Can't commit to a full year, no problem! Ask about our Cheer Academy program.

Special Needs: Ages 4-18 years old with any special need including handicapped and wheelchair bound. Learn the basics in cheer and dance taught by certified special education instructors. Develop an awareness of beat, rhythm and movement to music skills. We run several sessions throughout the year. Sessions can run from 7 - 12 weeks with a performance in a costume.

Privates: One on one instruction in either cheer or dance.

Intensity Elite Cheer

Intensity Elite Cheer is an All Star Cheer Program that trains competitive cheerleading as seen on ESPN. Athletes are trained in arm motions and jump technique, as well as gymnastics tumbling and stunting skills. We have local, competitive, and national competitive teams. Season runs May-March and try outs are in May. 

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