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icon01/29/2011 - Recital 2011

Our spring recital will take place Sunday, June 12th at Eisenhower High School. More details will be given out cloer to the event.

icon01/29/2011 - Jamfest SUPER Nationals

Great job to both our of teams in Indy! We are so proud of all your hard work. Especially to our Junior team for pulling together and working together as a team when one of your team members was injured.

Mini Level 1: 9th Place

Junior Level 2: 6th Place

icon01/29/2011 - Spirit Rocks Rockin Homecoming Bash

Congrats to our teams for their awesome performances over the weekend at Spirit Rocks!


Mini Level 1: 1st Place

Junior Level 2: 2nd Place

icon01/29/2011 - Jamfest Mega Bash

Congrats to our teams over the weekend. We are so proud of you!

Mini Level 1: 1st Place

Junior Level 2: 2nd Place

icon04/24/2010 - Team Placement Results 2010

Thank You to everyone who came to Team Placements today! We are so excited to get our new season started. Don't forget that Thursday, April 29th we will be having a Mandatory parent meeting at 7:15. There will be no practice, only the parent meeting. If yo can't make it please let me know ASAP and we will set up a meeting.

Team are listed below! If you have a "*" next to your name, it means that you are a crossover.


*Olivia Barton

Kennedy Butterfield

Gage Gjorgjeski

*Eva Ignash

Paige Isecke

Sophia Isecke

Lauren Manzella

Raylynn Quasarano

*Samantha Schimmel

*Christy Wasson

*Arielle Willson

Arshayla Willson



Gabriella Andreopoulos

Claire Bahorski

*Olivia Barton

Alexandrea Beger

Megan Corbeil

*Eva Ignash

Madison Gabridge

*Samantha Schimmel

Christopher Skrok

Isabella Tocco

Lauren Turner

Rachel Vidojevski

*Christy Wasson

*Arielle Willson

Desiray Zetouna

Senior Team:





icon04/13/2010 - Recital

Recital Information

Location:        Romeo High School

Date:             Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Time:             2pm

Cost:             $14 advance purchase, $16 at the door

Tickets Go On Sale:       Wednesday, April 14th

icon04/02/2010 - Encore DCS

Amazing Job this weekend!!

Show Off-Ava                      1st Overall Petite Division
Rachael Jacobs                2nd Overall Junior Division                                         
Samantha Droope            1st Overall Teen Division       
Kaitlyn Droope                   1st Overall Senior Division
Carly Backhus                    2nd Overall Senior Division
It’s Raining Men                 2nd Overall Petite Division
It’s My Party                         3rd Overall Junior Division
Love Shack-Madison        1st Overall Petite Division-Recreational
Big Time                              1st Overall Petite Division-Recreational
Going to the Chapel          1st Overall Petite Division
One Moment More             5th Overall Teen Division
She Wolf                              5th Overall Senior Division
She Bangs                          2nd Overall Teen Division
Finally Home                      1st Overall Teen Division-Diamond Performance
It’s Raining Men                 Most Entertaining 12 & Under
Finally Home                      Highest Score of Entire Weekend

icon04/01/2010 - Talent On Parade

Congratulations to all of our dancers this weekend! Everyone did such a great job! :)


Baby I’m a Star-Kennedy        2nd Overall Petite Division
Show Off-Ava                        3rd Overall Petite Division              
Hush, Hush-Sam                      5th Overall Teen Division
Black & Gold-Katie                  4th Overall Senior Division
I’m Alive-Carly                        3rd Overall Senior Division
It’s Raining Men                      1st Overall Petite Division
She Bangs                                8th Overall Teen Division              
One Moment More                    8th Overall Teen Division      
It’s My Party                            Scholarship
Going to the Chapel (Kennedy, Ava, Gage Trio) 1st Overall Petite Divison

Also Congratulations to Kaitlyn Droope for receiving the Go Pro $500 Scholarship. Only 5 scholarships were given out the entire weekend! Great Job!

icon03/23/2010 - Intensity Elite Cheer Team Placements

Intensity Elite Cheer
Team Placements
Saturday, April 24th, 2010
Intensity Elite has a team for all ages!
* Students age as of August 31st, 2010 is used to determine placement for each team*
Tiny 3-5           Mini 6-8           Youth 9-11     
Junior 12-14  Senior 15 -18
Placements are also determined by the coaches & owners discretion
 Linsey’s Cheer & Dance Center
50624 Sabrina Dr. Shelby Twp., MI 48315
Team placement schedule
                            12 & Under                                             9:45-10:45am
                            13 & Up                                                   11:00am-12:15pm
Mandatory Parent Meeting Thursday, April 29th, 2010
All members: 7:15pm
*If you are unable to attend the meeting please notify Linsey ASAP.
Try-outs are closed to all spectators, we appreciate your cooperation!
Team Placements will be posted online at
by 7pm on April 24th

icon05/12/2009 - Dance USA Results

Awesome job to all of our performers. What a great competition and such a great way to end our competition season! We are so proud of everyone!! Thank You for all of your hard work (it paid off!!!)

Set Me Free: 1st Overall & Highest Teen Score of the Day

Cool Rider: 2nd Overall

Stupid Cupid: 1st Overall & Too Cute Judges Award

Another Cha Cha: 4th Overall

Kiss Brittany's Boyfriend: 5th Overall

Shake Up the Party: 4th Overall

Party Girls: 2nd Overall

No Greater Love: 3rd Overall

Nutbush: 4th Overall

After Tonight-Kaitlyn Droope: 1st Overall & Smooth Tap Judges Award

That Walk-Rachael Jacobs: 2nd Overall

I Want to go to Hollywood-Bailey Widman: 4th Overall

On My Knees-Samantha Droope: 5th Overall

Dance USA Performance Team Awards:

Set Me Free, Kaitlyn Droope, Rachael Jacobs, Bailey Widman, Samantha Droope.

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